Emotions Matter

emotions matter

Emotions are kind of a sensitive and even mysterious topic.

Some think only soft and sensitive people have emotions.

Some think only the weak have emotions.

Some feel controlled and overcome by their emotions.

Some people feel totally out of touch, or even numb to their emotions.

Some think that emotions do not matter.

Emotions are how you experience your life; they either motivate you or debilitate you.

Emotional Management

Most of us do not know how to manage our feelings nor how be in a healthy relationship with our emotions.

Where do we learn? In school? Who teaches us? Who even knows how?

I had to look many places, study many modalities for years until I finally learned about how to manage my emotions and eventually how to generate emotions. Read my Comeback Story if you want to hear more about my past.

What are Emotions?

Emotions are physical vibrations caused by thoughts.

Physical vibrations (emotions) are different than physical sensations such as heat from a fire, cold from the snow, or pain from an injury.

Why Emotions Matter?

Emotions are how you experience the world. Emotions are our inner reality. Our feelings about our life is what mattes most to each of us personally.

Whether you know it or not, you do things, acquire things and want things, because you think you will feel a certain way.

We are all seeking states of emotion.


Emotions drive every action, in-action, habit and behavior.

This is why the skill set of creating, generating and choosing emotions matters to everyone, even people who do not want to be ‘soft’ or sensitive.

Behind every achievement, success and met goal is an emotion. Emotions drive us towards what we want in life.

Emotions can also be debilitative, useless and even indulgent.

Imbalanced, indulgent and addictive emotions perpetuate habits which cause self harm and create results in our lives that we may not want or which do not serve us. Like: smoking, over-eating, over-shopping, slothfulness and such.

Every thing you do or do not do in your life, (every choice, every day, every year) is driven by emotions.

Emotions matter immensely, whether you believe it or not, whether you feel them or not, whether you invest in them or not.

Buffering: Turning Away

If you are like the average person, then you do not allow your emotions; you act in a way to avoid any uncomfortable emotions.

This is what most of us are taught to do with our feelings.

Avoiding, controlling, resisiting, or suppressing emotions may seem like you are feeling your feelings but you are actually feeling the tension and disconnect of your emotions.

Buffering is any action that you do in order to feel a short term ‘feel good’ instead of your emotion. All short term feel goods come at a long term cost when done in a state of buffering.

Over doing anything is buffering. Actions like over-eating, over-drinking, over-facebooking, or over-working all can result in physical harms, like over-weight; they also result in a disconnect from your self.

Like a lie.

When you lie to someone you have to disconnect and put on a facade and fake energy to pull off the lie. You do the same thing to yourself when you buffer.

Do you feel disconnected inside of your self?

Are you lying to your Self about anything?

Are you aware of the costs?

Short Re-Cap:

Thoughts cause Emotions.

Emotions drive every Action, In-Action and Behavior.

Next Level: Why your actions, in-actions and behaviors matter… they create every result in your life.