Energize Your Life by Rewiring Food Cravings for Lasting Health

Energize Your Life by Rewiring Food Cravings for Lasting Health

Are you a health-focused leader still battling food cravings and feeling drained? Today, we’re diving into how to rewire your cravings for a healthier, more energetic life.

Understanding and Managing Cravings

When we don’t understand our cravings, we often end up battling them, which leads to two major problems. First, our cravings get stronger, and we eventually cave in, eating what we don’t want to eat and feeling guilty afterward. This can lead to a cycle of poor eating habits. Second, resisting cravings drains our energy, creating physiological stress and leaving us feeling exhausted.

The 7 PM Check-In

A useful tool I got from and now recommend to my clients is the 7 PM check-in. This involves assessing how you feel at 7 PM. Many clients initially report feeling exhausted and just wanting to eat pizza, drink beer, and watch TV. They are wiped out and just managing to get through the last couple of hours of their day. By experimenting with food and stress levels throughout the day, we can identify patterns that help you feel energized and present by evening. The goal is to feel good at 7 PM, ready to engage with family or personal activities rather than just crashing.

Rewiring Your Cravings

The key to feeling energized and present is understanding and working with your cravings, rather than resisting them. It’s about creating a gentle, curious, and compassionate relationship with your cravings. This involves understanding how your brain and microbiome work and bringing awareness to your food choices. By asking high-level, open-ended questions, you can start to work with yourself rather than against yourself, making food decisions that support your energy and health.

Connecting the dots and consciously deciding is a recipe for massive shift.

A Success Story: Britta’s Journey

Let me share a story about one of my clients, Britta. She came to me feeling desperate and overwhelmed by a long list of foods she was told she couldn’t eat. During our conversation, I reassured her that we could focus on nourishing her body instead of focusing on massive restrictions. By learning to listen to her body to make nourishing food choices, she started to feel better. Her symptoms improved, she felt less tired after meals, and her brain fog lifted. She started craving nourishing foods-  giving her more energy and transforming her relationship with food.

Making Sustainable Changes

Sustainable food changes come from a place of nourishment, not restriction. By focusing on what nourishes your body and rebalancing your system, you can achieve long-term health and energy. It’s about creating a relationship with food that is easy, effortless, and exciting. If you’re ready to transform your relationship with cravings and achieve a state of energy and health that supports both your work and home life, I’m here to help.

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What else would change in your life WHEN your food is dialed and you regularly crave and choose foods that made you feel energized and alive?
  • How would your relationships shift?
  • How would your bucket list be in your life?
  • How would…

Rewire Your Cravings: A Poem

Are you a leader with health’s embrace,
Yet food cravings drain, an unwanted trace?
Welcome here, find solace in this place,
Where changes are made with transformative grace.
I’m Chandra Zas, your guide and friend,
With Zen Odyssey, awareness and love we blend.
To rewire cravings, our goals ascend,
To healthier lives, to human potential we tend.
Cravings misunderstood, they grow,
Battles within, exhaustion starts to show.
Guilt and poor choices, the seeds we sow,
Energy drained, low moods then run low.
At 7 PM, check how you feel,
Exhausted or vibrant, what’s your true deal?
Pizza, beer, and TV’s captivating appeal,
Or energized presence, a joy surreal?
Rewire your cravings, a gentle touch,
Not through resistance, not too much.
Understand your brain, your cravings clutch,
Work with yourself, no need to rush.
Britta came, overwhelmed and lost,
Restrictions and fears, at what cost?
Together we focused, paths we crossed,
Nourishment found, no more exhaust.
Symptoms eased, tiredness no more,
Brain fog lifted, clarity restored.
Nourishing foods, her cravings bore,
Energy and joy, her spirit soared.
Sustainable changes, nourishment’s key,
Not from restriction, but from feeling free.
Body rebalanced, healthy and breezy,
A relationship with food, joyful and easy.
Ready to transform, to make a start,
To rewire cravings, play your part.
Send a message, let’s chart your heart,
To energy and health, an artful cart.
Together we’ll journey, you and I,
To vibrant evenings, beneath the sky.
Healthy and happy, we’ll reach so high,
In balance and peace, our spirits fly.

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