Stop Fighting Your Cravings and Re-Wire Them Instead

Say Goodbye to Fighting Cravings by Rewiring Your Brain Patterns

Hello, my dear friends, today I am wanting to explore a seemingly magical possibility with you—imagining a life where you crave foods that genuinely fuel and energize you. Not just those quick dopamine spikes from packaged sugars, but real, nourishing foods that power your brain and invest in your future. Isn’t that an exciting thought?

Reimagining Our Food Desires

Often, we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of craving foods that we know aren’t good for us. It’s an internal struggle where the mind battles between ‘shoulds’ and ‘wants,’ leading to restrictive diets that inevitably backfire. I’ve been there too. I vividly remember being so fixated on cake frosting in my early 20s that I couldn’t focus on anything else. It was a clear sign of a troubling relationship with sugar, one that was not about my willpower but how my brain was hi-jacked.

Understanding and Redirecting Cravings

Cravings can stem from various sources: our brains, cells, microbiome, and emotions. Each plays a unique role in the foods we feel drawn to. The journey to mastering these cravings involves first bringing awareness to them and then recalibrating your taste buds and rewiring your brain’s dopamine pathways. It’s about first quieting the noise so you can hear the true needs of your whole being.

The Happy Food Dance

Imagine eating a meal so nourishing that it makes you literally dance with joy. That’s the “Happy Food Dance” I often talk about. It’s the physical and emotional satisfaction of feeding your body what it truly desires. When your meals make you feel great today and tomorrow, you’re on the “feel good” long term track.

The Mood-Food Connection

My coaching program begins with the mood piece because understanding our emotional and mental landscapes is crucial. It’s about addressing why we eat and managing the emotions that lead us to seek comfort in food. Once we grasp this, we can perform a “food reset” to realign our desires with healthier choices.

Beyond the Hangry Phase

Breaking free from the constant need to snack or feeling ‘hangry’ is a liberating phase of this journey. It involves transitioning from sugar-burning to being metabolically flexible and fat-burning” which is true nourishment. This change allows us to listen to genuine hunger cues rather than misinterpreted signals driven by a sugar addiction.

A Relationship with Food

In my program, we don’t rely on willpower or restriction. Instead, we foster nourishing relationships with our food and emotions. We learn to understand the different types of cravings and how to choose foods that not only satisfy but enhance our overall well-being.

Join Me

If you’re intrigued by the idea of transforming your relationship with food in a way that feels almost magical, reach out. Let’s discuss how we can work together to elevate your food choices and, by extension, your life. It’s not just about eating better; it’s about creating a harmonious relationship with food, your body, and your emotions.

Craving a change? Let’s make it happen together. High vibes and nourishing cravings await.

That’s a glimpse into a path where food is not just sustenance but a source of joy and vitality. If this resonates with you, sign up Coaching.

My “feel good food” recipe ebook
And the poem version:
Hello, dear friends, gather ’round, let’s vision a bit today,
Of a life where every craving leads to health, in a reliable way.
Not the fleeting rush of sugar’s kiss, nor packaged treats so brief,
But wholesome meals that fill your soul and bring your cravings true relief.
Imagine, if you will, a path diverged from have tos and shoulds,
Where food becomes a loving dance, not foes but heartfelt goods.
I remember well the lure of sweets, that frosting on the cake,
A craving that hi-jacked my brain, an addiction hard to break.
Our cravings, deep and complex, from brain to gut they rise,
Influenced by our microbes and our moods, often a frustrating surprise.
To master them, we must explore, and bring awareness to the fore,
Rewire paths long trodden down, the key to open new doors.
Envision now a meal so rich, it makes you rise and twirl,
The “Happy Food Dance,” a moment of joy, into satisfaction you swirl.
Today’s delight, tomorrow’s vigor, on this nourishing track,
A journey where each bite does more than momentarily fill a lack.
Our moods and foods are intertwined, a tapestry so vast,
Understanding why we eat, the first step we must cast.
Through coaching, a ‘food reset,’ realigning heart and plate,
To make choices that uplift and truly satiate.
From hangry snaps to grounded energy, what freedom this can bring!
From sugar’s clutch to flexible grace, where true nourishment is king.
Listening to our body’s cues, not misled by cravings’ cries,
We find strength in quieter whispers, the truth beneath the lies.
In this journey we shan’t rely on willpower’s fleeting breath,
But nourish deep relationships that won’t lead us to a slow yucky death.
Understanding cravings’ roots, choosing foods that truly bless,
Enhancing life, wellbeing too, through each mindful caress.
With Love,

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