Expectations Create Stress

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Expectations are a stress trap.

When you expect life to be a certain way and it is not, stress starts to build.

You think that you should have found a partner by now, that you should have already started a family, and you have not.

You start to feel like there is something wrong with you.

You judge yourself, you maybe even hate yourself, you believe something is wrong with you.

You think that the divorce that your parents are going through is horrible and should not be happening.

You believe that life is messed up.

You cannot make sense of it, you hate it, you are beside yourself and are looking for a way to solve it, a way to make it right.

Expectations Create Stress

The expectation, that life should be different than it is, creates stress.

The reality is that heartbreak, divorce, loss, death, cheating, lying, are all apart of life.

You may not like it, you may grieve it, you may want something different; but stop arguing with it, stop thinking that it should be different.

When you argue with reality you will always loose.

When you argue with reality you create unnecessary suffering for your self.

Grieve it, want it, feel it, but stop arguing with it.

When you shift your expectations and you accept the imperfections of life then you will be able to stop fighting against life.

When you stop fighting it, you will begin feeling it, and then you are on the path to moving through it… and living it.

Life is not stressful until we expect it to be different than it is.

Accepting life, and all of its imperfections, will lower your stress.

Lowering your expectations will lower your stress.

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