Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024


Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024

Exponential Change with Coaching + Medicine Journeys

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As I built my six-month coaching program, I always envisioned medicine
journeys as part of the exponential change factor. Change is possible
when we show up and do the inner work. AND when we use plant medicine
in combination with inner work then the intellectual teaching drops
into our cellular body and into our being.

In this post, I will not write much today.

What I will recommend are three things:
1) Watch my video below to hear some of my story and background
around medicine journeys and exponential change.

2) Watch the series called “How to Change your Mind” on Netflix to see
the science-backed research that is coming out on the potential
healing from mind-altering substances.

3) Reach out to me if coaching combined with plant medicine resonates with you. You can send me a direct email at

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