Fear’s Effects On Gut Health

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For me, fear has been up lately. This last year was (and is) one of the hardest of my life. My brain has gotten into a bit of a hyper-fear place, ready for fear, in coaching terms ‘a presently normal neural pathway’. As a coach, I look at the brain as the source of my emotions. And emotions are worthy of attention because they determine all of our healthy and non-healthy habits. So this week’ content is dedicated to fear’s effects on gut health and how to manage fear.

The COVID 15, like the college freshman 15, is a shared weight gain reality. There is a bountiful amount of things to be scared about and feel bad about.

The culturally normal thing to do with feeling any bad emotion is to use external things like food to feel better. This is a self sabatogin cycle; one that I am dedicated to helping my clients break.

In this week’s video I talk about what fear feels like to me, how I both feel my fear and also how I manage my brain when it comes to indulgent fear.

I break down when fear is useful and when it is not.

I give useful tips and my personal insights and practices on how to stay present instead of overeating.

When we are in fear our digestion turns off, it is a fight or flight innate physiological reaction.

Resistance is not helpful.

Learning how to face and deal with negative emotions is more important than ever, right now, this year.

If you want help facing your fears, managing your mind, feeling your emotions and breaking your cycles of binging or overeating- then please reach out to me.

This is my life mission, to help people improve their relationship to food and therefore improve both their gut health and immune health; managing fear is part of the process.

Life is 50/50.

Fear is a survival emotion that can be useful.

Fear is also a thought loop that can be mentally managed with the proper tools.

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