How To Make A Food Change

Food change

Making a food change is one of the trickiest and most challenging changes to make. But given the right know-how, a food change is possible.

Questions are always a great place to insight a change.

Why do you eat the way you eat?

  • To feel good?

  • To comfort your self?

  • Because that is the food that someone serves you?

  • Because this is how you have always eaten?

  • Because you do not have time?

Or to fuel your body?

Eating is pleasurable.

This is part of the trap.

Understanding Your Brain’s Role in Your Food Change.

Your body and brain have evolved to find pleasure in food.

Seeking pleasure is one of the main motivators of your primal brain.

Rewarding you with dopamine every time you eat.

Which is fine, until you consume foods that are highly concentrated and empty of nutrition.

Concentrated foods like sugar, flour, and alcohol provide a huge dopamine reward, making your primal brain believe this is the most important thing for you to consume.

It is a glitch.

Your body has yet to evolve to understand these concentrated foods.

Your body cannot register them nor properly digest them.

This is why they feel addicting.

This is likely what your brain is trained to love and desire.

Feel good, dopamine pleasure.

Zoom Out.

Your primal brain has no ability to consider your future self nor the health of your future body.

It only seeks pleasure now.

Instant pleasure.

Immediate gratification.

In order to make a food change, you will need to use another part of your brain.

The part of your brain that is special to the human brain.

The prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain that is able to plan and think about the future.

To eat food that fuels your body and supports a future version of your body that is healthy requires you to manage your primal brain by using your prefrontal brain.

Like a parent making decisions for a toddler.

From here, you can decide to act in your own future’s best interest.

From your prefrontal brain, you can manage your urges and desires for short term pleasures and immediate gratifications.

You can decide to eat foods that fuel you.

You can retrain your brain to love foods that fuel you.

When making decisions in your life from your prefrontal brain you have access to creating the life, the body and the health that you most truly want.

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