From Frustration to Feeling Fortunate

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My little one has pneumonia and so is home for the week. She needs extra attention from me and rightfully so.

Next week is Passover, here in Israel, which means no school next week.

I work from home.

I could be frustrated about this situation. (and I was for a few minutes). I did what I teach my clients to do: I went for a walk, I checked in with myself, found the stories in my head, and decided to question them.

I know that frustration is not useful.

Frustration comes from thinking, “it’s not supposed to be this way,” “something is wrong,” “it shouldn’t be going like this.”

… Frustration is when we are resisting a situation in our life.

So I asked myself, “how can this be happening for me?”

My brain shifted into problem solving mode and out of reaction mode.

I talked to my partner,who is both my business partner and my life partner; we came up with a new work plan.

My brain opened to the gratitude I have for owning my own business, setting my own hours, and being able to really be there in times like these when my little one needs me.

✨✨✨From feeling frustrated to feeling fortunate.

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