How to Invest in Real Beauty

How to Invest in Real Beauty

In recent times, I’ve observed a fascinating trend among some of my clients who are undergoing a food reset. While discussing their experiences, an interesting anecdote came up. A friend of ours had taken our advice to heart and made a conscious decision to eliminate hydrogenated oils from their diet. In a bid to make healthier choices, they purchased mayonnaise that appeared to be a healthier option due to its “olive oil” label. However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that hydrogenated oils were still a prominent ingredient, cleverly hidden from plain view. I want to highlight the importance of reading labels and making informed choices about the foods we consume. However, today, I wish to delve deeper into a subject that resonates profoundly with me – the concept of investing in genuine health and beauty (which does include avoiding hydrogenated oils).

As I embark on this topic, I acknowledge its personal significance, as it taps into my own journey towards self-perception and health. My early years were marred by health issues, leaving me feeling far from beautiful or vibrant. It wasn’t until later in life that I began receiving unexpected comments about my beauty. These remarks sparked a process of introspection, prompting me to reflect on the connection of real beauty and health.

My path towards feeling beautiful has been unconventional. Childhood struggles and illnesses left me feeling disconnected from conventional perceptions of beauty. However, as I navigated adulthood, I realized that the journey towards genuine beauty is intrinsically tied to internal wellness. I refrain from relying heavily on external beauty products; my focus has always been on nurturing my inner self.

Over the past two decades, I have wholeheartedly invested in my internal world. This investment has encompassed areas such as learning how to feel my emotions (instead of escape them), learning how to manage my mind, and investing in deep relationships. I’ve explored techniques like mindfulness, emotional processing, and self-reflection, which have profoundly impacted my relationship with myself and others. Through this journey, I’ve not only developed a strong sense of self but also experienced a newfound beauty that transcends physical appearance.

Interestingly, the correlation between internal health and external beauty is undeniable. Just as a healthy body radiates attractiveness, a nourished mind and soul exude an irresistible charm. This notion aligns with the evolutionary concept of attractiveness – where vitality and strength are inherently alluring qualities, designed to ensure the survival of our species. Consequently, investing in our health holistically contributes to our external allure.

Investing in one’s health is an intricate process, one that requires introspection and dedication. Making nourishing food choices, staying hydrated, exercising, nurturing social connections, and cultivating mental well-being are cornerstones of this journey. As someone who avoids hydrogenated oils for their detrimental impact, I understand the significance of dietary choices. Furthermore, adopting healthy habits affects not just physical appearance but also enhances libido and vitality.

While external beauty trends may come and go, the timeless beauty that stems from a well-nurtured internal being is lasting and powerful. This shift in perspective encourages us to see beyond superficial norms and understand that true beauty radiates from within. It’s an investment that pays dividends, not only in terms of external allure but also in overall well-being and aligns with one of my biggest missions: to age gracefully.

In conclusion, I extend an invitation to consider the profound connection between internal health and external beauty. As we navigate life’s complexities, let’s remember that investing in our emotional, mental, and physical well-being creates a lasting foundation of true beauty. It’s a journey that requires commitment and introspection, ultimately leading to a radiant, holistic sense of allure. So, play with embracing this path, take ownership of your well-being, and witness the transformation that arises from investing in real health and authentic beauty.

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