Got Food Goals? Restriction DOES NOT work: Your True Desire Does!

Food Goals? Restriction DOES NOT work: Your True Desire Does!
Tired of restricting yourself to eat healthy? I can help you make food changes from desire and using the want within you. Stories from my group program and the different emotions that work and do not work.
In the quiet whispers of the morn,
With dreams still dancing, yet unborn,
Chandra’s voice, a gentle hum,
Her wisdom flows, her words, a drum.
A mother’s love, a tender care,
Her daughter rests, in slumber fair,
And midst the peace, she shares her tale,
Of food, of mood, how we prevail.
In her Zen Odyssey, she guides,
Through trials faced, and storms defied,
With every word, a beacon bright,
Guiding souls towards inner light.
For in the realm of food and mood,
Where changes brew, and paths intrude,
It’s not the force, the will, the might,
But curiosity’s guiding light.
No need for rules, for deprivation’s song,
Nor judgments harsh, nor willpower strong,
But openness, and wonder’s gaze,
Leading us through life’s maze.
Feel the difference, she proclaims,
Know firsthand, and break the chains,
Connect the dots, in energy’s dance,
Embrace the journey, take the chance.
For in the food reset’s embrace,
Lies power, grace, a sacred space,
To shed the weight of judgment’s toll,
And free the spirit, make it whole.
Curiosity, the fuel we seek,
In every choice, in every tweak,
To wonder, to question, to explore,
And find the joy in food once more.
So if you seek a different way,
To nourish soul, to light the way,
Reach out to Shandra, hear her call,
And let her guide you through it all.
With love, with curiosity,
She’ll help you find your clarity,
In food and mood, in health’s embrace,
Embark with her, and find your grace.
So heed her words, her gentle plea,
And join her in this odyssey,
For in her guidance, you shall find,
A path to peace, of heart and mind.

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