The Gut Friendly UTI Option

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Antibiotics are great when they are necessary; there is a great Gut Friendly UTI option before it gets to the point of antibiotics.

I have had a few UTIs that ended up with antibiotics and I am grateful for the antibiotics because I was at the point of needing them. But then I did some research and figured out what exactly is happening within the urethra and the bacteria that are in the wrong place.

One of my biggest gut health missions is to “feed and protect the friendly bacteria and starve the bad guys”.

In the case of the classic UTI, it is a little combo of all.

In the video below, you will find the tidbits of info that I know about UTIs and how to go about solving a UTI in a gut-friendly way.

  • The most common recipe for getting a urinary tract infection

  • What is a urinary tract infection in simple terms

  • The plant-derived supplement I keep in my bathroom kit at all times

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