Gut Health For Parents

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It is a watermelon cake. The kids loved it! And we, parents, loved that there was no sugar crash.

In this episode, Gut Health for Parents, I share my gut health background mindset on what, why, and how to feed my little one. The best thing I can give my little one is a foundation of health and development by ensuring that her gut is solid and her brain is fed.

A teacher at my little one’s school has drawn a connection between her ability to self-regulate to the foods in her lunch box.

My little one is a rockstar; the food we feed her is the reason.

The kid who eats a bagel always crashes.

It is not the kid’s fault; it is the bagels.

There is never a more important time to make food changes than becoming and being a parent.

“If you let them, kids will perfect you.”

Feeding our little one’s nutrient-dense foods, instead of the easy-to-grab man-made calories, is a health game-changer AND a lifestyle shift.

But don’t worry parents, I’ve got you on all fronts.

If you want to set yourself and your little one up for gut health then come along. Health changes are my middle name and making it fun is part of the goal.

Gut Health Is A Family Affair.

Role modeling is the best way of teaching AND has incredible potential for up-leveling our own health. I remember, in Greece, when I was eating a Gelato ice cream realizing that I had a sugar decision to make.

Do I really believe it is detrimental to health, hers and mine? If so, it was time to step up. And I did.

So can you.

There are no downsides to investing in gut health. We simply have to realize that it is an investment upfront and to remind ourselves that it will pay off in spades for the rest of all our lives.

Food re-education is half the learning curve and understanding over-desire is the other half.

The Importance of Fermented Foods

Myth Buster #4: Healthy Food is not Tasty

Generational Food Problems

If you want more Gut Health for Kids info... then head over to my ‘free gut health resources’ page to receive a Gut Health PDF just for kids (and parents too).

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