Gut Health Is Reversible

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The big topic and question… is gut health reversible?

Yes, my food and mood friends, the great news is “Yes”!

When I was a kid,I had health issues. Namely eczema, asthma, brain fog, fatigue,  long,,pain l periods, and depression.

Doctors diagnosed me but did not have any cure or path back to health.

My doctor did mention that diet, lifestyle, and stress were components that affected my health conditions.

Twenty years ago, we knew far less than we know today about gut health, the microbiome, and the connection that we now know matters.

The way to reverse gut health problems is through food, lifestyle habits, and processing emotions.

As I help my clients make bafundamentalhanges to their diet, stress, and lilifestyle, their gut health reverses.

Your Want + My Algorithm Of Change = Gut Health Is Reversible

When we want to make a change in our lives and stay connected to that want, any change is possible. The key is to want.

But want alone will not get us there… we must know the human algorithm of how to change.


I lacked health growing up; being unhealthy was normal for me. I was miserable.

The state of health that I have accomplished is a giant success of my life.

I believe that health is the most important thing in life. Without health, life is smaller, harder, and more challenging.

I live my life in a way that prioritizes my health, and I teach my clients how to do the same.

Many of my clients had excellent health until they did not. Some assume it is part of aging or getting older. It is not.

Gut problems are directly related to an accumulation of improper diet, stress, and lifestyle habits.

If we reverse these habits, we reverse our gut health.

Everyone with gut problems is relieved to discover that gut health is reversible.

Bloating, constipation, acid reflux, brain fog, fatigue, and gut-related symptoms do not have to stick around in our lives.

We can write a new story about the state of our gut health.

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