Curly Hair Culture and Tolerating

Curly Hair Culture and Tolerating

Chatting with a curly hair friend of mine has revolutionized my hair life. And I have full intention of passing down this insightful hair culture to my little one.

I have struggled between hating my hair and solving my frizzy hair.

Frizzy, unprofessional, dry, knotted, tangled, wild, unkept, and messy; ugh.

When I was in grade school, kids made fun of me. They told me to take care of my hair and they called me a lion.The only thing my mom knew how to do was brush and wash my hair.

In my teens I discovered products, and started leaving in conditioners and using moose.

Every day, I HAD to shower just to make my hair look good.

Nine months ago, I complimented the same curly haired friend and she told me about the silk hat she was sleeping in. I ordered one immediately.

Complete hair changer, my life is seriously better.

My hair looks better in the morning when I wake up than when I go to sleep.

The natural oils from my scalp are nourishing my hair, my hair is breaking less, and is looking healthier than it ever has in my life. Except maybe that one time I did a Keratin treatment that looked great for a bit until it looked damaged.

Here is how this related to gut Health:

Fewer chemicals, from the hair products, are touching my skin. Remember we absorb what touches our skin. This means my body is processing fewer chemicals, which takes a bit of stress off my detox organs.

Hair Culture

Supposedly, African’s have a hair culture. They pass down hair tricks and teach each other how to take care of their curly hair.

My family lacks hair culture. I know my dad left grease stains on the couch from a nap when he was in high school in the 1950s.

How does this relate to coaching?

Looking back, I realize that I never asked the right questions about my curly hair. I tolerated and hated my hair, without addressing it. I neglected to face it head-on, do the research, and ask the right questions.

I wonder, now, what else in my life am I tolerating because I am simply not asking the right questions.

Questions are one of the main doorways of coaching. So often my clients are tolerating something painful in their life because they have not asked the right questions or believed there could be another way.

I urge you to do the same.

What in your life are you tolerating? If you stopped tolerating it, faced it head-on, and asked the right questions then what changes are possible…

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