Having A Healthy Gut Creates Time

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Time is one of the most common excuses I hear in regards to investing in gut health. Time has also been one of my own personal struggles; thinking that I do not have time is a belief that I am actively changing.

Believing that I don’t have time is not useful, but I will leave that for another day.

It is true that making a food change does take time; there is the learning curve where we need to focus our attention and invest our energy in the actual learning practice. Then there is the aspect of interrupting our auto-pilot habits and actually doing something new, eating a new way, shopping and cooking differently.

In today’s video, I dive into how after the initial investment of Time, your time and energy increase, once your gut health is in order and your habits have shifted.

Come listen in and be ready for your “I don’t have time” thought to be shaken and shifted.

Time is our most valuable resource.


Investing in your gut health this year will give you thousands of hours over your decades to come.

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