Health is Simple, Doable and Possible

Health is simple and doable

Health is Simple, Eat Nourishing Foods, Move Your Body Daily, Live with Low-Stress Levels, and Take Care of Yourself: Diet, Stress, Lifestyle.

So why are so many of us sick, suffering, limited, and unhealthy?

As I watch my dear clients go through my program I am more and more convinced of how health is actually simple. The problem is that most of us are feeling confused,  helpless, hopeless, guilty, and ashamed.

The basics of health that I teach in my program literally help everyone. Being someone who was born without health, I thought it was just me that was so broken and needed so much special health attention. Then over the years of sharing my health habits that helped me and seeing my friends have similar positive benefits. I realized what I discovered for health is much more universal than my body’s needs to feel good and healthy.

שMy food and mood program first focuses on understanding how our brain and our emotions work- putting us in the driver’s seat instead of living as a victim of life’s hard moments. Second, my program focuses on re-education about food. Third onto the most pressing individual’s desired goals with modules ranging from relationships, exercise, time management or scheduling, microbiome, and so on.

One of my clients came to me with a secondary issue of gout, meaning it was not his main focus. His reason for doing my 30-day food reset was brain performance, a “why” that most of my CEOs and business owners are willing to make food changes (for more productivity, clarity, and focus).

His gout was pretty severe. It hurt him regularly. He was playing with medications and mostly using them to control the pain. They had stopped working and he was looking at surgery.

Last week he announced in our session that he was pain-free, including his gout, and that he had totally stopped his gout medications.

The food reset for helping his brain become more clear and “on” was the same food reset that cleared up the pain in his body and feet.

Health truly is that simple. No matter what your symptom or pain or desired state there is a very simple doable set of stress and food changes that allow each and every one of our bodies to do the miraculous work of healing and rebalancing.

Of course, there are other very useful pieces to healing and rebalancing like bodywork, supplements, and the like… but without the food and stress changes the other pieces are not nearly as powerful or effective.

All of my clients have a big shift in energy. They come in with less and through my program gain, which is exactly what we all need to not only function through our day but also to invest energy in taking care of ourselves. Being so fatigued or depressed that all you want to do is sleep makes it nearly impossible to invest in your health.

If you are reading this and you are wanting your health to be better, please know that it is 100% possible for you and simpler than you think.

Believing is one of the first crucial pieces to change.


Ps… play with going outside and noticing how it affects you.

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