Helpful Stepping Stones

Helpful Stepping Stones

Spend time with your Self.

Quiet time, time where you can talk to your inner Self and listen to the whispers of your heart and the revelations of your mind.

Long walks outdoors.

Weekly saunas or steams.

Hot springs.

Laying on the Earth looking up at the sky.

Practice watching your mind.

Understand that you have thousands of thoughts everyday, most of them unconscious, most of them unintentionally programed.

Bring awareness to your thoughts.

Become an observer or a watcher of your mind.


Find other people interested in awareness of Self.

Check out some local yoga classes or meditation centers.

Actively Listen

Start free writing.

Spend a few minutes every day writing down on paper what ever thoughts are swirling around.

Watch your Self write, see what desires are to be said from within you, from your inner Self.

Get a Second Set of Eyes and Ears

Work with a Coach.

Get another perspective to look objectively at your mind.

Spend time and attention on your inner world.

You are the most important person in your life.

How is your relationship with your Self?

Get to know You.

Learn to love You.

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