Homemade Soap, Skin Story, and Gut Health Interview with Gaia 

Homemade Soap, Skin Story, and Gut Health Interview with Gaia 

Hey there, lovely readers! I am stoked to share with you a special podcast episode interview with my dear friend Gaia, who lives in Israel. Gaia and I are like soul sisters.

Now, Gaia and I have something in common that we are both passionate about: health. We’ve each have our own unique health journeys, and we believe that sharing our stories is important. That’s why I couldn’t be happier that Gaia agreed to join me on this podcast episode.

Before we dive into the main topic, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chandra Zaz, your hostess and coach, dedicated to helping people make doable food and mood changes without feeling like they’re missing out. Aka “fall in love with healthy You.”

Last year, as we were leaving Israel, Gaia had just started making these incredible soaps. Actually, it was for her wedding, and she surprised all her dear girlfriends, including me, with a special batch of soaps as wedding gifts. Their quality and effectiveness are great.

Fast forward to a few months ago when we had an Israeli friend traveling back to Israel. I took the opportunity to have him meet Gaia, and she kindly sent us some more of her amazing soaps. I can’t emphasize enough how beautiful these soaps are, and they even come in gorgeous packaging with Hebrew labels.

Now, let me tell you why I’m particularly excited about this episode. You see, I haven’t really talked much about skin to my audience, and yet, my skin is a significant role in my personal health journey. Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve struggled with eczema. It was a constant battle, with my skin covered in painful rashes and relentless itching. I can assure you, it was far from fun.

Swapping skin stories was one of our first deep talks… and this was before she started her soap biz.

In this interview, we explore the world of skincare and share our experience of the importance of using natural products, regulating stress, and diet to address the root cause of skin troubles rather than just suppressing symptoms.

I am a happy user of Gaia’s soaps, and they’ve inspired me to dig deeper into the topic of skin health for you.

So, get ready for an delightful discussion as Gaia and I share our personal stories, challenge conventional approaches to skincare, and emphasize the significance of addressing the underlying causes of skin issues.



Part of Gais’s story: 

“I remember when I first started my skincare journey, it felt like a never-ending cycle. Every time I found a new soap or cream that seemed to help, the same thing would happen; a product would work for a period of time and then stop working.Then, when I joined the Army in Israel at 18, I didn’t have time to deal with skincare routines. So, I resorted to taking antibiotics and other medications to combat my acne. Little did I know, those treatments were actually damaging my body, especially my liver.

Over the years, I started to notice a pattern. Whenever I experienced a spike of stress in my life, whether it was work-related or in my relationships, my acne would worsen. I realized that my body was trying to talk to me. I had been ignoring my body’s messages of its needs by eating whatever I wanted, sleeping irregularly, and running on stress.
Around four years ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of listening to my body. It was a pivotal moment that sparked my journey of getting to the root cause of my skin. I realized that there was more to skincare than just topical solutions or pharmaceutical pills.
I knew I needed to start listening to myself and understanding what my body truly needed. I studied aromatherapy to gain knowledge about different ingredients and their effects on the body.
During this four years, I connected skincare, emotions, and diet as the factors of my skin health. It became clear that what I put on my skin, what I ate, and how I felt all played a role in my overall skin health.
Our skin shows us what is happening internally; it communicates our bodies’s well-being (or lack).
In my journey, I discovered the power of curiosity and learning. I started examining product labels, researching unfamiliar ingredients, and seeking information from experts. It wasn’t about knowing everything right away but taking small steps towards change and being gentle with myself throughout the process.

By learning to listen to my body and making responsive caring choices, I transformed my skin, my body, and my emotional state, embracing the interconnectedness of body and mind.”


You can find Gaia on IG @Gaia.layla
Email her at Gaiaschorrkon@gmail.com

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