Immune Health Talk with ND Doctor Sharman

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Thinking about what you might want right now in the winter of 2022, what better topic to launch than our new content series “Immune Health with Doctor Sharman”.

Doctor Sharman and I are collaborating not only on creating free videos and podcasts for you, but also in creating a health team for our clients.

Our first topic is all about immune health. We talk about home remedies, foods, and supplements that support your natural immune system.

We share our personal stories of how we first responded to COVID and how we have responded to COVID. There are many simple, at home, daily health practices that we all can do to support our own immune system.

Did you know that recent research discovered that 70% of our immune system is in our gut? What we eat matters immensely to our immune system. We talk about the foods that weaken our immune system and the foods that strengthen it.

If you are interested in being pro-health when it comes to your immune systems then come listen in and pick up our personal practices that we love and recommend.

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