Inflammatory Foods

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Inflammation is part of our bodies’ natural healing process… unless it is caused by our eating habits. Then inflammation is the doorway for imbalance and disease. If you have digestive issues then you must learn which foods are inflammatory foods.

What most of us believe to be a normal diet, of man-made foods, is the diet that causes inflammation.

Food companies that have the most money for marketing are the ones making the biggest profit from foods they sale. It is hard to make a lot of money on the foods that fuel us and it is very profitable to sale us foods that can be packaged and have many man-made ingredients.

You have to question all the marketing and understand marketers’ motives.

A marketers’ motive is profit, not your health.

Why Food Shifts are Hard

It is hard to shift your food habits to eating healthy largely because it requires you going against what you believe to be normal, what the marketers are urging you to buy, and because man-made foods are familiar to you.

Foods that Fuel vs Foods that Inflame:

Foods that fuel us: organic animal oils, coconut oils, fish oils, ghee, organic proteins, nuts, seeds, and of course lots of fruits and veggies with all the colors.

Man-made foods (that do not fuel our bodies) and which do cause inflammation: all trans-fats, vegetable oils, processed meats, flour, sugar, and alcohol.

Building Your House with Styrofoam

Our bodies need foods that fuel us in order to build and repair, to upkeep and maintain.

Think about eating man-made foods like using styrofoam to build and repair a house. It kinda works for a second, the pieces of styrofoam can fit and can be used. But given a little time, or pressure the styrofoam will fail.

Eating man-made foods is like eating styrofoam.

Eating styrofoam causes inflammation in our bodies. It does not help our body repair and it adds toxins that need to be dealt with. Double whammy.

When I eat Inflammatory foods:

Every time I eat man-made foods I notice inflammation. My pee gets hot, my eczema flares, my poop becomes more acidic, I feel slightly swollen in the lymph of my legs, my belly gets bloated, and my face skin color gets a little red.

I will totally admit that I am one of the most sensitive people I know. I feel and notice things in my body that most people do not.

If you have digestive issues then you have inflammation issues. Start tracking what man-made foods you are eating and if you get flare-up (inflammatory) symptoms shortly after.

All of my clients are seeing this connection.

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