Invest In Yourself | The Best Gift For You And Others

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We givers are the last to give to ourselves, which leaves our cup empty to continue giving. If you are a giver then I am talking to you, “Invest in Yourself” it is the best gift for you and others.

Putting ourselves first seems like a selfish move, but it is not. When we are eating well, taking time to process our emotions, and spending quality time withourself then we have far more to give.

If you are someone who has given at the price of your own self, changing your patterns and choosing to invest in yourself will be challenging.

You are likely in a rut of feeling under-appreciated, under valued and likely are feeling grouchy. Maybe you snap at your partner and yell at your kids.

How can this be? All you do is love and serve those around you. Moms are prime candidates for this conundrum.

When we don’t fill up our own cup and we are running on empty then we don’t have the internal space to regulate and show up as our best self. We turn into people we don’t want to be.

The solution is to invest in yourself; me too, I do it regularly. Yesterday I laid on the grass at a local coffee shop staring up at the sky, I spent an hour self coaching in my journal, I had a couple hard conversations that were weighing on my mind, I ran over two miles, and I ate nourishing foods.

When we ignore the blinking light of our tank being empty, we start turning to distractions like foods with sugar or flour, like tv binging, like keeping busy.

I promise that if you put in the work and invest in yourself, your internal life will get better as well as your relationships to all those whom you love and serve.

I am here when you want my help. You are worth it.

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