Is Your Why (For Food Changes) Big Enough?

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The reason behind why we make food changes is more important than you may guess. Depending on how big is the why directly determines the likely hood of your success. So before you waste your time and energy, I would encourage you to read on and figure out if, is your why (for food changes) big enough?

The worst is when we try to make food changes because we think we should or we are supposed to or because we feel that we have to make food changes. This type of why requires us to use restriction, willpower, and force which ALWAYS ends in failure combined guilt or shame and then leads to comfort eating. These are the viscous whys that actually make our food habits worse.

When I first start working with my clients, we always start with the why and I always share with them that even though it can feel like a waste of time to dig in and get clear on the why… that it is actually extremely important.

My clients with the biggest digestive troubles often have the biggest whys and therefor have the greatest motivation which gives them the biggest chance of success. One of my clients has been struggling with heartburn for seven years, the last year being nearly debilitating; she has time and time again said, “I will do anything to get rid of this pain.” She just celebrated thirty days of nearly no heartburn pain, she is over the moon happy to feel that she has her life back.

Another client’s why for making food changes is all about his work-life. His greatest motivator is is brain’s ability to focus and hold attention. For him, his physical symptoms are not his greater source of why. Cleaning up his diet is something he wants to do in order to help his brain be sharper.

Another client, her big why is weight loss. She has an ideal weight that she wants to get to by focusing on foods that make her feel good in her body; making weight loss feel magical to her. Instead of focusing on restriction she is focusing on long term gratification.

Which brings me to one very important point that most people struggle with… feeling like food changes means missing out on life.

I personally have done enough of this in my life and know that food changes do not stick using a depriving mentality. The sustainable way to make food changes stick for life is by connecting to what we want.

What we want is our why.

For me it started with, “I want to feel good after this meal” which then went to “I want to feel good tomorrow morning” and eventually has become “I want to age as gracefully as possible.”

Do you notice the connection between the why and to the future that everyone I have mentioned here is wanting? Being free of heartburn pain, focus and attention, weight loss, and getting rid of eczema to aging gracefully.

So, if you let me save you some time and energy- then please play with me here. What is your why for making food changes? Is it a have to or should? Or do you have a want that might just be the beginning of actually making food changes?

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