Myth #5: “It Does Not Matter”

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“It does not matter” is a common underlying thought that leads to self-sabotage.

“Just this once” and “I deserve it” are another couple of common sabotaging thoughts.

There is truth to this: IF we have a healthy gut and IF it is truly an occasional event. Then ‘this once’ does not matter.

The thing with food choices is that the problems occur after an accumulation builds up.

Our bodies can deal with toxins until it is overflowing.

Then they cannot, and they start to speak up.

Every person’s body is unique and has its own particular weaknesses, so when the bath overflows the symptoms show up in an individual’s weak spot.

My weak spot is my skin, and I get eczema. For me, my skin is an indicator that my gut needs some attention.

In an ideal gut, then ‘just this once’ does not really matter. When we have healthy gut functioning then our bodies can handle processed foods and environmental toxins.

The goal of gut health is to have a strong enough gut that sometimes it does not matter.

But in the journey to gut health, in my coaching program, I help people uncover what are those sneaky little thoughts that lead to sabotaging habits.

Under every behavior is an underlying thought that causes sabotage.

A special note for this holiday season… our immune systems are interconnected and depend on our gut health. One of the best ways to stay healthy this holiday season is to eat clean, minimize toxin input, drink water, and sleep well.

The thoughts we think and the behaviors we act out do matter.

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