Lie #3 The Escape Button Works

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Our human brains are wired to avoid pain, including emotional pain, and hence by default believe that the escape buttons work. Additionally, our western culture’s go-to when we feel emotional pain is to escape it using comfort foods, screens, drinking, smoking, shopping, and the like. The escape button helps us escape life’s discomforts for a minute… but the cost is our energy, our presence, and our emotional resilience.

Tune in to the video below to help your brain shake loose this lie that drains our energy.

ps… escape buttons not only drain our energy… they also steal our time. If we zoom out and think about how we truly want to live our life… over-watching tv, over-drinking, over-eating, and the like are NOT on our ideal life bucket list.

When we understand how to embrace the discomforts of life and not over-use the escape buttons then we naturally gain more time in our day. It is a win-win and totally worth looking into.

Pps… a dear friend and client of mine, Alex, made a video sharing his experience coaching with me as business owner seeking focus and productivity. He also shares in how the food reset in my program has become his baseline for eating because of the effects on his work-life performance.



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