Life Design 101

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life design.

Cut out everything unnecessary and extra.

focus on what is important.

nourish your Self and what you love.

review, reflect, rewrite.

change it up. 

stop. slow down. sprint. fly.

wondering where time goes?

catch your thoughts. 

harness your life force. 

get angry with the world. 

fight for something better.

relax. accept. 

lower expectations

keep fighting the good fight.

lean into differences. 

rock the boat. 

embrace challenge.

end your day satisfied.

wake grateful. another day on this side of the earth.

another breath to breathe. another moment to be.

before we rejoin the stardust.

time does not exist. 

we construct measurements in order to create order. 

seek your balance between order and chaos. You are unique and need your own specific number. 

Do not follow the herd. you are more than a number. you are more than a soldier. 

be the version of you that is alive and thriving.

question everything.

buy less. 

give more. 

sing and dance daily.

get naked. undress your heart. show your vulnerable side.

allow yourself to bleed tears.

this will clean you out. 

strength is the courage to be vulnerable.

express your love. love is the true richness of life.

make enough money, but know that making money will not give you happiness.

happiness is something that comes from the inside. 

if you are working your life away for the ‘forever away future’ you will miss living it.

there are many chances in life, but most only come around once. 

know your Self, so that when your chance comes you know it is yours.

talk to yourself, go on walks, ask deep questions. discover what makes you tick and what makes you sick. 

be ruthless in your boundaries, you owe very few people, do not give away your life-force, they will not give it back.

empower those around you.

let go of dying friendships before you are pulled down an unwanted rabbit hole.

always choose love, it is always an option.

imagine your life. build it. breathe it. 

work your ass off through the discomfort of change.

pause, reflect, rest. 

tune back in. take off .

find  home within your bones.

reside within your heart.

take up space. 

make your Self bigger. 

expand your lungs. breathe fire into your eyes.

love yourself as you would want others to love you.

You are your first and most important human to attend to. 

when you come to your lover with your own needs met, 

then you have the opportunity for True Love. 

tune into those around you. 

learn the innate life changing power of empathy. 

put yourself in other’s shoes. 

within your head and heart, walk in their footsteps.

understand their position. 

imagine their pain. 

love them not in spite of their pain but because of it.

rock your life like you have only one. because the odds are that you do have only this one life. 

this crazy amazing evolutionary phenomena is You and everything you see and do not see around you. 

what is the point of life? it is to love and to be true to yourself. 

you will be on your deathbed, judging your life. 

you will know if you cheated your Self, 

you know if you allowed your Self to miss. 

catch yourself now. be the person you are proud of. 

self care. expressing. breathing. eating. 

all lead you to

be your true to your Self




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