Lymph Flow (or Blockage) and Clothing

Lymph Flow (or blockage) and Clothing

Today’s post is going to be a bit of a departure from our usual topics, but I’m stoked to share this unique perspective with you. I’ve decided to take you on a journey into my closet – yes, you heard that right – to delve into an intimate discussion about clothing, lymph flow, and their impact on our overall health.

The topic at hand today revolves around the delicate relationship between clothing choices and the flow of lymph throughout our bodies.

I want to start by crediting my favorite Reno body worker, Eric, because he was the one who reminded me how impactful a slight amount of pressure from our clothing affects our lymph flow. he pointed out my tissues above my bra line as a common place to have extra tissue accumulate because… yup, wearing a bra.

Now, onto the heart of the matter. You see, I’ve had my fair share of challenges with my lymphatic system, potentially linked to autoimmune conditions and structural peculiarities unique to my body. Particularly, I’ve noticed issues with lymph flow in my thighs. The sensation of swelling and discomfort has led me to a series of curious conversations over the last three decades, including the one most recently with Eric.

During our chat, Eric pointed out an interesting fact – the placement of clothing can actually impede lymph flow. This reminder of lymph-knowledge resonated with me, as I had previously studied and practiced lymph-work as an Ayurvedic practitioner over a decade ago for a couple of years. The invested time and awareness from these studies were useful in my self care and larger picture of “health”. I’m actually on the lookout for a new lymph massage therapist because the benefits are something I am missing and craving.

Our lymphatic system is an intriguing entity. It needs movement; when we’re stationary, it doesn’t move itself. Even during illness, a gentle walk is crucial for lymph flow. This revelation brought back memories of when my parents were in the hospital, and despite their sever conditions, they were encouraged to take walks. The same principle applies to post-surgery recovery and even post-C-section procedures – movement IS NECESSARY for lymph circulation.

Now, let’s circle back to clothing. It turns out that what we wear does also influence our lymphatic system. For breast health, do you know about the importance of avoiding tight bras and underwires because they hinder lymph movement of the breast tissue? Breasts contain a significant amount of lymph, and it’s vital for this fluid to flow freely. Restrictive clothing can act like a tourniquet, obstructing lymph circulation, leading to disease and imbalance.

But let’s get personal. I brought you into my closet to discuss a brand I’m utterly enamored with – Teeki. These pants I’m wearing from Teeki have a waistline that doesn’t dig into my skin. This comfort is paramount, particularly around my lower body. The waistbands of my undergarments and yoga pants used to cause discomfort, and I could feel my lymphatic system reacting negatively. I found myself wanting to take my clothes off… this is actually one of my indicators on clothes I get rid of: if I am itching to get out of my clothes after a couple hours then good bye.

I recommend you play with this too; if an outfit becomes uncomfortable after a few hours, it’s time to reconsider its place in your wardrobe.

The search for suitable clothing doesn’t end with Teeki; Lululemon is another fantastic brand that prioritizes comfort without compromising lymph flow. The presence of waistbands that cut into the body is a red flag for me, and I’ve become quite the connoisseur in this regard. It’s not just pants and bras – even underwear can impact lymph flow.

For those of you who are well-endowed, the challenge is more complex. The balance between support and freedom becomes crucial. As someone who experienced this during breastfeeding, I understand the need for proper support. However, it’s equally crucial not to sacrifice lymph flow in the process.

Walking, dry brushing, salt scrubs, and guasha massage are all fantastic methods to enhance lymphatic movement. These practices can be carried out independently or with the assistance of a skilled bodyworker. In fact, bodywork is a tool I consider essential for overall health. The benefits of skilled touch in addressing tissue health cannot be overstated.

As I mentioned before, I’m currently on the hunt for a skilled lymph massage practitioner in Reno. If you’re in the area or know someone who fits the bill, I’d love to hear from you.

In conclusion, our clothing choices intersect with our lymphatic system, impacting our health in ways we might not have imagined. So, here’s to dressing in a way that not only makes us feel good inside and out.

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PS: If you’re seeking support in your journey to better health, feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to guide you through the maze of self-care, offering insights that go beyond the basics of food and mood. Your journey to holistic well-being begins here. Until next time, stay mindful of your clothing choices, and remember – your lymphatic system deserves a little extra care too.

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