Lymph Self-Massage for Health, Detox, and Weight Loss

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Let’s dive into lymph. My Ayurvedic teacher called lymph the river of both our body and our emotions. Taking care of our lymph systems and tissues is an essential part of health. Without a supported lymph system, health changes and detoxing can be rough. My video this week is specially created for one of my clients in her dedicated mission to uplevel her health. So here we go: Lymph Self Massage for Health, Detox, and Weight Loss.

After my in-depth Ayurvedic course, I partnered with a lymph massage practitioner and partnered with her in tandem lymph massage. I also did a year-long series of detoxing while having regular massages geared towards lymph drainage as well as a Pancha Karma. The Pancha Karma I did was four days long, included a specific diet for my dosha, and included about six hours of bodywork from two practitioners. It was incredible and an experience that I highly recommend.

That year, it was 2013 to 2014, my body\’s tissues went through a serious transformation. My thighs have been a source of both physical discomfort as well as emotional embarrassment. I have come to learn that when my lymph is backed up my thighs are the first place to feel it. I now use how my lymph feels as a gauge and a communication from my body. Like I teach in my program about OBE- Own Body Expert. I also have had to do a lot of work to accept my thighs as they are, they are a bit oddly shaped, have cellulite, and are one of the ‘weaker’ parts of my body.

We all have weaknesses. And when our body struggles our own weakness shows up.

My lymph is also one of my weaknesses. I have an autoimmune disease, Celiac, which when I was younger and much less healthy meant that I was often swollen and susceptible to infections. I had a few staff infections and other kinda unusual immune troubles when I was younger. Now that my health is much stronger, I do not have these immune or lymph troubles like I used to.

Strengthening our health is multifaceted. Yes, food is baseline, as well as hydration and regular movement. For our lymph system movement is essential. Without physically moving our body… our lymph does not move. Our lymph is dependent on our muscles pumping to stimulate lymph flow.

The other way we can stimulate lymph flow is manually. Like by using a guasha, which is a tool used in Ayurvedic practices that I\’ll show in the video here. We can also use salt scrubs, brushing, and massage either yourself or a practitioner.

Basic tips for self lymph massage:

Heat is necessary. Our lymph tissues need to be warm in order to move. So a hot bath, shower, sauna, or even really warm weather is the first step.

Second: we have main lymph drains. In our groin area, throat, and armpits. Specifically, warm-up and massage these areas first.

Third, use a tool to stimulate, focus on textures, and encourage movement throughout the body.

Fourth, end the session with shallow full-body directional drainage.

Fifth, go for walk and drink water.

Check out this video for the details and watch me demo this lymph massage drainage on myself.

Lymph work is really useful when we are working on changing our body, like when detoxing or cleansing, including if weight loss is part of the health change. The better our lymph system, which is a key part of our detox system, is working the easier our health changes will feel.

Emotions and Lymph:

The way that I have come to think about our lymph system is that it is both physical and emotional. Lymph is like the water or the river in our body, when it is dry, stagnant, over-flowing, or backed up we can actually feel that quality.

In the perspective that everything is connected, I have found it very true that as we move and change our lymph that it is normal for emotions to come up. The phrase “issues in our tissues” is something I adopted long ago when I studied massage. As we physically address our body, emotions are released.

Intentionally leaning in and welcoming emotions to arise and process through our body is part of the lymphatic journey.

Let me know if you have any questions.

With love,

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