How to Make Life Bigger

How to Make Life Bigger

When we turn away from negative emotions we get smaller. When we are brave and face the hard parts of life then life gets bigger.

Discomfort is what we all feel when we have a negative emotion. It is uncomfortable to feel negativity. It is normal.

But it is insanely important to learn how to feel the discomfort:

  • IF you want a bigger life.

  • If you want to reach your goals and create your dreams.

  • If you want to stop emotional-eating and seriously up your health game.

So what is wrong with avoiding discomfort?

If we are constantly avoiding discomfort then we are missing the opportunities of growth; like, learning something new, becoming someone new (and healthier), attempting something we don’t know how to do, or taking a risk which we may fail at).

These are all the things that make our life bigger, our goals possible, and our dreams reality.

Why most of us turn away is because these all have the potential for emotional discomfort: pain, failure, humiliation, loss, deprivation, disappointment, awkwardness, challenge, sadness, or rejection.

It is easier and safer to turn away.

The Cost of Turning Away

If we don’t learn new things, never put our selves out there, never try something for the first time, never take risks THEN our lives stay really small and our dreams and goals will never be met.

What if you knew that you had to do hard things and feel uncomfortable feelings IF you wanted your life to be big?

“We do hard things.” Is one of my favorite mottos of my mentors.

It is also my partner’s motto.

He believes that over-coming challenges is an important place to get satisfaction from life.

Doing hard things means feeling uncomfortbale.

Easy is easy, hard is rewarding.

I have come to deeply understand and embrace this life philosophy.

Intermittent fasting is on of the current discomforts that I am exploring. Hunger happens, emotional eating is not an option. I have to grow to show up. As I show up each time my life gets bigger.

Discomfort is always there, the escape button is always an option…

So is facing the music and feeling the discomfort.

Give it a shot, lean in and open up.

Watch your life get bigger.

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