How to Make Working Out Easier

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In my journey of health, I have primarily focused on food and emotions; this is where I have made massive leaps in my health. But I would be omitting part of the story if I did not share about the power of working out and the added impact it has on health.

My Personal History

In university I practiced yoga, went to the gym, and used my bicycle as my main mode of transportation. I also took African Dance classes, played Capoeira, and went Salsa dancing.

In my twenties, I practiced yoga and took hikes.

In my study of heath, a few pieces of info helped me commit to working out.

Namely the lymph.

Lymph Info

Our lymph system is basically our immune system; it deals with bacteria, viruses, fungi, and antibodies.

Our lymph system does not move on its own, it requires the movement and use of our muscles to move, function, and to stay healthy.

Walking is the baseline necessity for basic health. Better yet, is high-intensity blood pumping (lymph moving) exercise.

Rebounders are designed specifically for supporting and strengthening the lymph. This is a pic of the rebounders from Body Mind Restorations Retreats where people detox and work towards healing their body and mind.

Why is it so hard?

When I talk to clients about exercise there is often a guilt-resistance cocktail of feelings that come up.

We know we should’ or even ‘have-to’ exercise…. BUT we do not really want to work out.

Where does want come from? Yup, this is a quiz…

Want is a feeling, which comes from our thoughts.

Experiment with Me

Try this:

Think about working out…

Notice what thoughts come up in your head.

Do you think about how tough and uncomfortable working out is, how sweaty and strenuous exercise is?

If you have not done the mental work (brain management ) about working out then your thoughts go to the negatives of working out.

Mindset Makes it Easier

People who exercise regularly (and enjoy it) have trained their brains to focus on the positives. Perhaps focusing on the health benefits, perhaps the physical feeling or looks of being in shape, or perhaps they focus on how good they feel when they are working out regularly.

Here is the difference… how you feel about working out depends on your thoughts about working out.

My Mindset

I have stopped and started dozens of times in my life. When I am successful at getting back in shape, it is because I have focused on how I know I will feel once I get through the first couple of extra tough weeks.

When I keep my eye on the prize then it is far easier for me to follow through.

My Latest Routine

The first couple of months living on the cruise ship (and were eating the cruise ship food) we both gained about ten pounds. Afterward, we went to Argentina for a two-month climbing trip and both of us were painfully out of shape and a bit overweight. It was a torturous experience. We were humbled.

The next time we went back to the cruise ship I started asking the entertainment crew what they did for staying in shape. They pretty much all used this program called Insanity by Shaun T.

It is 30 or 45 minutes of pure insanity. Jumping, push-ups, running in place, plank, kicks, and more jumping.

Insanity was for sure a big challenge in the beginning, even now when I take a break and come back to it, it is hard. But it has been one of the best work out tools I have come across.

Especially for traveling and living in a forever summer where it is not pleasant to work out outside. Also during quarantine, it is an amazing tool. I love that it is only 30 minutes. And I love that it is such a full-body, complete, muscles (and lymph) pumping workout.

Fast, efficient, and effective. Just my style.

Doing hard and challenging things is just that: hard and challenging. But they are so much easier if we focus our mind in a way that creates motivation vs allowing our primal brain to create resistance.

I love working out because I deliberately think about how great my body feels when I am working out regularly. Feel free to use my thought.

What are your thoughts about working out?

What feelings do those thoughts create?

Do these thoughts and feelings serve you?

ps…The reason I am writing this post is that I just recommitted to my workout routine after taking a month break because of a twisted ankle.

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