Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024


Live Weekly Calls Jan 2024

“Man-Made Calories And Processed Foods”

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In this episode “Man-Made Calories and Processed Foods” I dive into and share my gut health perspective on what we are putting in our mouths. And why normal is something we must question if we want a healthy gut. It is not a new topic here, but it is worthy of repeating.

What is the problem with Processed Foods?

A liberating woman from the kitchen was a marketed concept in the 50s when packaged and processed foods hit America. At the time, it seemed like a freeing idea.

We did not know the costs that the average American would be paying with their health. If you look around you can see it is enormous.

The unnerving part is that many of us have not connected the dots.

Connecting these dots is a massive mission in my 14-day gut reset (food re-education) Food Challenge.

In the episode I get to the bottom line of why cutting out processed foods is necessary for gut health.

I share my hard lines, on what I put in my mouth, as well as the rules for the 14-day food challengers who are looking for first-hand experience in ‘feeling the difference.’

It is easier to stay the same and eat what everyone else is eating… but easier today is often putting a burden on our own future selves. This is a crucial leveraging point when it comes to health and long-term habit change. Believing and understanding the importance TODAY makes all the difference for You; before a health crisis hits home.

I had my health crises when I was young; I had to work towards a state of health that I was not born into. For better and for worse.

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