Microbiome For Babies And Kids

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Today, I want to share the mistakes and successes I have had as a mother to a little human and her microbiome. Setting our kids up for lifelong gut health is a massive gift. Know-how Microbiome for Babies and Kids is a must if you want to set your kid up for solid gut health (and make your parenting reality easier.)

Think about how differently You show up when you are feeling 100% vs when you feel off…

I know when I feel bloated, foggy-brained, or in mild abdominal discomfort I show up cranky and whiny.

If we give our kid’s foods that nourish them then it is easier for them to show up like angels.

All kids would rather be sweet and cute; no kid wants to be a bad or hard kid.


Applying my gut knowledge to a kid’s gut was kinda like learning a similar language like Portuguese is to Spanish or maybe England-English is to American-English. There is translating and learning required, but also a lot in common.

I talk about the similarities of baby and kid microbiomes compared to the adult microbiome. I also talk about the differences because a brand new human is still developing most of their body’s systems like their detox, digestive, and microbiome.

  • Learn from my mistakes.

  • Take away some priceless microbiome prep info for parents.

  • Know how to best support a little one if/when they take antibiotics.

Without our health, life is far more challenging. In my opinion, giving kids solid gut health is the best way to set them up for an easier life. Life is hard enough when we have our health.

Take it from me, I was a kid born with compromised gut health. At the age of two, my parents took me to numerous specialists to figure out what was wrong with me which turned out to be founded in gut health.

When I see kids putting man-made calories in their mouths, my heart breaks for them because I know how it affects their development and behavior.

Microbiome For Kids

I prioritized my little one’s gut health and microbiome, and I am super glad that I did. She is an emotional and physical rockstar; I attribute her advanced development to her healthy gut and strong microbiome.

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