My 3 Foundational Gut Health Books

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Body Ecology Diet, Nourishing Traditions, and GAPS are my 3 foundational Gut Health Books that I recommend all the time to people who have gut problems and want to improve their gut health.

Body Ecology Diet is an excellent picture of the concept of an inner ecosystem and laying out the food and lifestyle habits that support a healthy inner ecosystem. There is an emphasis on fermented foods, sea vegetables, and food combining that I believe is helpful to every single human gut. I recommend that everybody needs to read this book and apply many of the practices. It is gold.

Nourishing Traditions is a great book that talks a lot about animal fats and deeply nourishing the gut and the brain. She has a great book for parents to be and young children that I used and applied for my little one. She recommends egg yolk as a first food. I remember reading this book on my kindle in Greece and then feeding my little one egg yolk that same week.

GAPS, Gut And Psychology Syndrome is a great book for those whose gut is in a more chronic and serious place. It recommends a year of a pretty strict diet in order to heal the gut before reintroducing certain normal foods.

A couple of my Doctor friends have used this book to heal and get a handle on their gut troubles and depression bouts.

One thing that I love about GAPS is that it focuses on and draws connections between the state of the gut and mental health. The book touches on ADD, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, and depression in the context of gut health and what diet changes can be made to affect the brain. Super powerful book.

I highly recommend all three of these books to anyone wanting to better understand gut health.

Here is a link to my Amazon Gut Healthy Book List. You can find these 3 books plus a few more. LINK to Gut Health Books.

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