My Coaching Program Details + Inspo Kid Story

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I got the pleasure of hanging out with a dear old friend of mine named Andrew last week. We met while working together at a raw food detox center which is run by a Zen master which both have had a big impact on both of our lives.

Fast forward fourteen years….

Andrew has a seven year old daughter and, FYI, he is a Naturopathic doctor.

After a couple of hours of hanging out and swapping catch-up stories including about food, he looked at our daughter and said it was the first kid that has the level of presence that his daughter has. We locked eyes and dove into a conversation.

We both agreed that it was because of the food choices we give our daughters.

We both are the first “other” set of parents that have almost identical food options.

Some people think that our food choices are radical, I offer my daughter the food choices that I coach my clients on… almost no processed foods, almost no processed sugar, and almost all organic food.

And we swapped stories of allowing our daughters to have sugary treats coupled with helping them to “connect the dots” and notice how their bodies responded. Next, we both followed up next time they asked for a processed sugar treat by reminding them of how their body felt last time. Both daughters regularly turn down sugary foods with their own choices.

We both used similar phrases like “connect the dots”.

It is the same process I take my clients through; tracking food intake combined with tracking how our body responds.

This is such an empowering way to make food decisions and makes healthy choices feel much much easier.

And the long-term benefit of an increase of presence, a well-regulated self or kid, plus feeling great becomes a recipe for long-term buy-in.

The question becomes, “why would I choose to eat any other way when I know I can feel this good, this “on”, this present?”

This is the magic of my coaching program.

And my program is getting more magical… I am having behind-the-scenes talks to get medicine journeys as part of my coaching program to exponentially increase habit change and emotional patterns like depression and anxiety.

Check out this week’s video below to hear more about my program.

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