New Year, New You

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What are your resolutions? Are you hoping for a new year and a new you?

Are you on the bandwagon to try to change, to try to become better, to lose weight, to be kinder, or to be healthier?

Let’s talk about new years resolutions and how to actually make a change and realize any ‘new year new you’ goals you might desire.

I want to offer you an insight into the coaching style I do; why change is so effective and lasting.

I used to think coaching was silly until I understood that coaching is based on learning how to make changes in one’s life, like a new year’s resolution.

I am all about change and have invested my last couple of decades learning how to make internal and external changes in my life.

I think that I discovered the gold mine of coaching when I met my teacher who teaches what she calls The Model.

The Model is what I call our internal human algorithm; it is the key to change.

Here Is The Difference: To Become A New You…

Many coaching styles approach change from coaching on one’s actions and behaviors. For example: what to do differently in order to make the desired change, like how many calories to eat and hours to workout in order to lose weight.

The coaching style that I use is different in that it is mindset-based. My teacher calls it causal coaching; meaning that the root cause of every behavior is a thought.

Why do we do what we do? Why do we have the habits that we have?

Because of what we think and what we believe.

Diet, stress, and lifestyle are the causes of gut health problems. Making diet, stress, and lifestyle changes require understanding what thoughts are creating whichever habits we have and then making changes at the thought level first.

What do we want? And what do we need to think in order to create what we want?

So if you want to become a new you, then you need to change the way you think.

I want to be less attached to stuff, so I am working on changing the way that I think about stuff. It ain’t easy… but it is the way to change.

Here is to a new year and a new you… and me.

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