Normal No More

Normal NO More!

I am over trying to be Normal.

I have come to accept that I am a sensitive person, not a normal person.

Sensitive to foods.

Sensitive to people.

Sensitive to chemicals.

I always have been and now I finally accept that I always will be.

I can love myself exactly as I am.

My parents used to pray for me to ‘just be normal’.

I had eczema all over my body when I was two and I could not eat birthday cake as well as a long list of other foods.

My parents wanted the best for me of course.

They wanted my life to be easy; having food sensitivities is not easy.

There is a cultural belief that we all suffer from; the idea that the goal of life is to be happy and that we ‘should be’ happy a majority of the time.

This belief causes a lot of unnecessary suffering.

It causes people to believe that they should feel different than they do.

I know I bought into this belief for a long time; I got depressed and suffered from anxiety partly because of this belief.

Now I believe that life is 50/50.

Fifty percent of the time fun/happy/easy/positive.

Fifty percent of the time sad/hard/frustrating/negative.

Now, my life feels easier because I am not resisting the negative; I am expecting and accepting it.

It is still the same.

But I have stopped trying to be someone that I am not.

I am much more comfortable in my skin.

I am me.

And being’ Me’ is grand.

It is such a relief to be over and done with trying to be normal.

Is there a way that you are trying to be someone you are not?

Who would you be if you stopped trying?

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