Emotions: The Origin

Emotions: The Origin

Hidden inside my client’s first homework, I give them the answer to the origin of emotions.

I work with people with digestive and stress troubles.

The first month we spend focusing on the stress and emotional part; almost nothing about the food part.

The Homework I give:

  • Notice when you feel a negative emotion; like anxiety, stress, sadness, frustration and such.

  • Write it down.

  • Ask your Self: why do you feel that emotion.

  • Hint: the form of the answer is in the form of a thought.

The brain re-programming that is happening here is in understanding that negative emotions, and all emotions, come from our thoughts.

Few people know and understand this.

The common belief is that emotions are caused by external situations, events, circumstances, other people, other’s actions and such.

The Origin of Emotions

Emotions are created from our thoughts.

What we make something mean, the story we tell, the interpretation and spin we create in our head- is what makes us feel what we feel.

The bonus of the homework:

The big step into emotional adulthood is in taking responsibility and ownership of our emotions. By first realizing and then deeply understanding that our thoughts are the cause of our feelings; not anything or anyone else outside of us.

An empowering place to be.

Instead of trying to control the world and blame the externals, we need to learn how to manage our minds.

Think about it: how do people feel differently about the same event?

They feel differently…because they think differently.

Stress levels differ based on the thoughts someone has or does not have.

Stress and Digestion

Stress is an emotion, or a resistance to an emotion, or a difficulty in processing an emotion.

When my clients begin to understand that they can manage their stress by managing their minds there is a radical shift.

From feeling like the world is happening to them and being in a constant state of reaction.

To feeling empowered because they can see their mind and the emotions that the thoughts in their head create.

When stress levels lower, digestion always improves.

I help people with stress and digestive troubles thrive.

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