Our Liver Detox Spring Cleanse Experience

Our Liver Detox Spring Cleanse Experience

Doctor Sharman and I had a half-hour check-in this week on YouTube Live. We shared how each of our detoxes is going so far and both of us are feeling surprisingly great.

I for one, cannot believe how good I feel without caffeine. I am totally surprised. I am drinking celery juice and MUD/Water for my morning ritual and loving how it makes me feel with the adaptogenic mushrooms. I am eating light if anything during the day and an arugula salad with radish and sometimes some meat.

During our chat, I do a plug for Naturopathic Doctors that came from my heart. It is so great to have Doctor Sharman in my corner as a resource for myself and my family’s well-being.

I do have a new video editor, so next week I believe I’ll be able to embed my video here. For today, go on over to my YouTube channel @ZenOdyssey007 to watch “Our Liver Detox Spring Cleanse Experience” under the LIVEs.












Ps… at the end, Doctor Sharman says she is thinking to extend her cleanse… and I am right on board.

So there is time for you to join.
To reach Doctor Sharman for her to become your ND email: Doctorsharman@gmail.com














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