My Party Salad ~ You Will Love It Even If You Hate Salads

One of my go-to healthy food hacks is to bring a large well-loved party salad to every gathering I go to. (Sometimes we bring roasted sweet potatoes too with homemade mayo).

Bringing a yummy salad for everyone to enjoy, plus having at least one food item that I know will treat my belly well, is clutch to enjoying the party AND enjoying my body.

I have brought this salad to enough parties that it has adopted the name “Party Salad”. (Still true in 2024)

This salad is different that the normal salad we eat at home every day. It has less veggies and less toppings.

Every gathering with new folks, someone asks me for the recipe. And almost every time a non-salad lover (and even salad haters) are surprised to find this Party Salad delicious.

Link to Salad and Food Toppings Amazon List


  • Lettuce  –  I like using baby butter lettuce and arugula but any lettuce will do (quality lettuce does make the salad taste better)

  • Red Onion  –  Sliced thinly

  • Roasted or sprouted Seeds (roasted at home and if store roasted make sure no seed oils are used to roast. Dry roasted works great. You can find the sprouted seeds we use in the Amazon list)


  • Tahini

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Salt (I like using Maldon pyramid salt in salads- its in the Amazon list)

  • Olive Oil

Possible Additions

  • Chopped and boiled Carrots

  • Radish

  • Daikon

  • Avocado

  • Dulse seaweed


I am not giving you measurements because I do not use them. Instead I want to teach you how to think about making a salad… I want to show you how to fish instead of give you the fish. Put all your questions in the comments below, I am happy to answer them all. Or email me.

Start with organic veggies, this makes a big taste difference. Pick produce that looks good. A couple heads of lettuce, or a big salad bowl full is a good place to start. Use at least a half of a large red onion; the red onion helps digest the raw greens in your tummy.

Try a couple of cups worth of dry roasted seeds- we use pumpkin and sunflower. Roast until golden brown.

For the dressing, do not hold back. We use about a 2 cups of olive oil and at least a half a cup of tahini for salad for 10+ people. I would start with a about a quarter cup of ACV and a big sprinkle of salt. Ratios depend on the size of the salad too. You want the dressing to be very heavy.

Now dress the salad and taste it. Look for the creamy heavy layer of the oil and tahini as well as the high notes of the vinegar. Adjust the high and low notes until you feel the flavor full in your mouth.

*The tahini brand makes or breaks this recipe. See the link in our salad toppings list on Amazon for the best tahini.

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