Personal Insights Of The Food Challenge

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This was my first food challenge that I have offered. I learned a lot. I think it is valuable to share them with you all because there are some cool nuggets that can be useful to you on your gut health journey. Here it is: my Personal insights on the food challenge.

Change is hard. Changing the way we eat. Changing our default reactions. Changing our cravings, urges, and desires. Changing the way our family or partners eat. Even changing the ways our kids eat.

Change is hard no matter which way we slice it.

Most everybody quit. The only person who did not is the person who has gone through my gut health program. This showed me a lot. It really confirmed with me how important the mental and emotional components are to my gut health program.

I am still thinking about how I can offer the food challenge in the future with a distilled lesson of ‘how to quit and keep going’.

Personally, I gained some food up levels through doing the challenge. Watch or listen in to get the details and how re-reading labels affected some of the foods that we are now not buying.

The other cool insight that came from this challenge is that gut health food changes are not only about feeling physically better and clearing up brain fog but also can have big effects on brain power, clarity, creativity, and performance.

In the episode, I talk about one of my clients who is working on time/mind management and how we initially discussed not broaching the topic of food changes. But now, we are having a discussion about making some food changes for his mental performance in the work he desires to contribute to the world.

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