Personality Trait

Personality Trait

Are we ‘just who we are’? Are our personality traits something we are born with and must live with our entire lives?

Can an old dog be taught new tricks?

Can well-worn thoughts, otherwise known as beliefs, be re-written?

Yes! They can.

I have been re-writing one of my core-personality traits: the busy rusher.

I have been coaching a client on her belief that she is a depressive person.

And another client on his belief that no matter how much he has he will always feel scarcity.

All of these personality traits, ways of being, are products of a way of thinking.

You are what you think.


You can choose to think whatever you want.

Uncovering my beliefs that ‘I should not keep people waiting’, that ‘faster is better’ and that ‘I needed to get as much done as possible’ has been mind-blowing.

These are my thoughts that caused me to rush and always be busy in my life.

Is Changing a Personality Trait really Possible?

I decided to figure out if I could change. To get curious to see who I would be without this trait, without this operating system belief of mine.

A belief system is simply a series of thoughts, a way of thinking.

We all have total control over what we think, so we have the ability to change belief systems. Belief systems produce personality traits.

How you think creates how you feel. How you feel creates how you behave and show up.

A personality trait is just an ingrained behavior.

Understanding that our thoughts are a choice is liberating, I can think thoughts that create a new way of me being. A version of me that did not rush and was always busy.

I decided to have a good long sit down with my Self in order to decide if I wanted to make a change… if I wanted to put in the effort to think new thoughts.

I decided to become someone new, to become someone who did not rush as a default way of being.

My new version of me is even more of a badass than my previous default mode of rushing. I am more focused, more decisive, and even more productive. My favorite part about my change is that I am enjoying so many more moments in my day because I have released the pressure that I used to let drive me.

What personality trait have you settled with, thinking it is just who you are?

Who would you be if you let go of that trait?

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