Poetry on Plans, Grief, and Food

poetry, grief, plans, food
To-do list download aka brain dump
Planning my priorities
And following through with flow and kindness
Are my jam. (And tools I give my clients)
But sometimes despite my intended jam
Life throws curveballs
“Plans are made to be changed”
Is a motto I made. (Years ago with my man)
Someone near and dear died last week
Heavy grief and fear of the unknown
Of course are here.
“Time will heal” (Is true, but still takes time)
We cannot control life nor our plans we make BUT
We can plan for, expect, and accept
The inevitable bumps of the human experience.
Life is 50/50 (Remember daily- it will ease the suffering)
The unconscious belief that we should be happy 80% of the time
Creates boatloads of unnecessary suffering.
The pain makes the beauty beautiful
The rain makes the sun shine brighter
I am going to my kindergartner’s parent-school meeting tomorrow
I am getting involved for the long haul
I will gently open the conversation of food at school
To give kids processed foods and expect them to behave is insanity.
My daughter is a completely different child when she eats processed foods.
Food matters. “Think global, Act Local” so I will get involved at her school.
I am creating a food and move movement- for kids- for families- for humanity’s future.

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PS: I have been thinking for a while to write and share more poetry. I’d love your thoughts. This week’s content did not go as planned, so I took it as an opportunity to try out this style.

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