A Protocol for Life

A protocol for life

One of the first topics that I work with my food and mood clients is a protocol; a protocol for life.

Not a short term plan, diet nor cleanse.

Following a cleanse or a diet for a short amount of time is very different than considering a protocol for life.

I love tapping into the zoomed-out perspective and consciously considering the future person who will be eating this protocol for life.

I love thinking about the health and vibrancy of the future that is built from all the days and years leading up.

Often it is much easier to make wise decisions from here; thinking of the future self instead of the now self.

The now self is driven from the primal brain\’s impulses, urges, and spontaneity.

Short term cleanses and diets often use willpower, attempting to overpower the primal brain and all of its urges.

Willpower is finite and exhausting.

A protocol for life requires a deep inner shift with food and lifestyle; an activation of the prefrontal brain that has the ability to think and plan for the future.

I find that food is one of the trickiest changes to make because food is in practically every dynamic of life; it is something social and something individual.

To change a relationship with food is to change a big part of life.

Grocery shopping, restaurants, family gatherings, birthday party, kids, dating, breaks, and work events are smattered throughout the day, every day and almost all day.

‘What to eat’ can be a never-ending barrage of decisions.

To get to solid ground with a food protocol for life (one where you only consume what serves your body) is an accomplishment of shifting your decision power from your primal brain to your prefrontal.

Not easy, but lifelong rewarding.

Today, I have no trouble turning down food that does not serve me.

But that was not always the case. I have had all the unhealthy, self-sabotaging relationships with food. You name it and I have likely suffered it.

Questions for Thought.

Ask your Self:

  • What is the ideal way to fuel your body?

  • What comes up when you think about permanently giving up all the unhealthy indulgent foods you consume?

  • What happens when you stand by your health, and always act in your own best interest?

  • What thoughts, beliefs, and emotions arise?

  • This is where the coaching opens up… and where the door to your bigger life is presents itself.

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