My Quick and Healthy “Feel Good Food” Recipe Ebook

My Quick and Healthy “Feel Good Food” Recipe Ebook


Today, I want to share a bit of my story – a story of overcoming, growth, and the delicious dance between mind, body, and soul.

As a Reno-based, location-independent rock climber, burner, parent, business owner, and health nut, my state of health is something I had to work for. I’ve faced my fair share of challenges – from health issues to emotional struggles – and emerged wanting to help others live at the state of health they desire. (I HATE our medical industry which is business based on profit- not on creating our health.)


Before “Feel Good Food”

Let’s rewind the tape a bit. Picture this: at age 15 I was on meds to suppress my symptoms and my doc said there was nothing to do; I felt trapped with my limited health and like a passenger in a shitty ass car. Diagnosis, disease, overeating, body image issues – you name it, I’ve been there. It was a daily reality through the struggles of anxiety and depression, feeling like I would never be able to travel or have a family because of my health.

But guess what? I decided to take my health into my own hands. With determination and a sprinkle of luck, I started to reclaim my narrative. It wasn’t an overnight transformation – it was a decade process of playing with my food, learning to feel (instead of escape uncomfortable emotions), learning to love myself, and eventually learning how to trust and listen to my body.

One of the key players in my transformation was the realization that the foods we consume play a significant role in our health state. Desperate, I delved into the world of questioning what and why I put calories into my mouth, exploring how different foods are the baseline for feeling good. It became more than just a quest for physical health; it became a journey of investing in longevity.

Navigating this path, I discovered the connection between foods and moods- the emotions we try to escape by eating, drinking, scrolling, and the like. Life is 50/50, filled with challenges and triumphs, and embracing it all – the good, the bad, and the messy – is necessary for mental and physical health.

Parents and Professionals Struggling with Time and Food

As a parent and business owner, I understand the time challenges that come with taking care of our self and our kids. It’s a delicate dance between work responsibilities business and feeding our families nourishing food and necessary presence.

“I don’t have the time to make food.” Is one of the most common statements I hear from parents and professionals who are wanting to feel and eat better.
What do they do when they don’t have time? They buy convenient foods either to-go or in restaurants to save time but actually are the root of feeling drained, tired, and dis-regulated.

I spend less than 10 minutes per meal in the kitchen and we eat all whole nourishing foods that give us time and energy and focus.

What do you want for our kids? To be regulated, well-behaved, and able to focus and learn. Yet, the convenient foods that are packaged and easy are dis-regulating them.
The same foods that help our kids are also the ones that help us show up productive and work and patient at home. Nourish your gut and brain to feel good. It really is that simple.

The tricky part is un-hijacking our brains from processed foods that are designed to be addictive.

Eating Foods that Make You (and your kids) Feel Good Is Easier than You Might Think

Step one: start getting nourishing foods in the whole families body using my “Feel Good Food” recipe ebook that will start crating time and energy and focus for the whole family. It is gold.

Step two: Join my food and mood program to learn how to deal with stress instead of cope with it using tv and pizza. + Then un-hijack your brains from foods that EAT your time and energy so that you can trust and listen to your bodies’ true food cravings.

Ps… I have been sharing this recipe book with my my friends and they are loving this recipe ebook.

Clients words:

“I was at a party, there was cake, I cannot believe I DID NOT WANT any.”

“The bone broth recipe is my go-to every morning. In under 5 minutes I have a meal to take with me that doesn’t slow my brain down and fills up my tank.”

“My kids love Chandra’s gut healthy recipes. They now ask for kraut… what?!?!”


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