Reflections on Women’s Freedom this 4th of July

Reflections on Women's Freedom

What does freedom mean to you? This question often invites a multitude of responses, shaped by personal experiences and evolving beliefs. As I sit down to share my thoughts this 4th of July, I find myself reflecting on my journey and how my understanding of freedom has transformed over the years.

Normally, my content steers clear of politics, but today feels different. Today, I want to talk about freedom and the profound gratitude I feel for the rights and privileges I have as an American woman.

A Shift in Perspective

In my early twenties, I embarked on travels that required a passport and surrounded me in world culture. Back then, I often felt embarrassed about being American, avoiding fellow Americans and feeling critical of my homeland. However, over the years witnessing countries and cultures different norms, my perspective began to change.

My personal life, too, played a significant role in this transformation. Being married to an Israeli has brought many conversations about values and freedoms to the forefront. My partner’s questions about my true appreciation for freedom made me realize how much I had taken it for granted.

The Privileges We Overlook

I was born in California in the 1980s, a place and time that afforded me incredible freedoms. From the right to wear what I choose to the ability to own a business and have control over my body, these rights are not universal.

A recent experience underscored this reality for me. While wearing a short shirt in the park with my daughter, I felt a wave of discomfort upon seeing a group of women in hijabs. This stark contrast highlighted the freedoms I often overlook. In many parts of the world, women are still treated as property, with limited rights and autonomy. We spent two months rock climbing in Turkey in 2019, when we went to town to get food for the week we noticed there were no women in town in the cafes enjoying coffee or even working- the women were trapped at home.

A Conversation with My Daughter

Last night on our front porch, I shared with my daughter about how fortunate we are to be alive as a woman in the time and place we live. She was curious and wanted to understand more. I explained that being a woman in America right now is a privilege. We can wear what we want, seek divorce, choose who to marry, and own businesses. These rights are extraordinary and not to be taken for granted. Less than a hundred years ago, woman in America had far less rights. 1919 women in the USA got the right to vote. 1974 a law passed that women could not be discriminated against for housing. This is not so long ago.

Freedom in Contrast

The current political climate and the ongoing conflict in Israel have deepened my appreciation for the freedoms I enjoy. My partner and I chose to get married in New York instead of Israel because, in Israel, I would be considered his property, unable to divorce without his consent. This decision underscored the precious nature of my rights.

I recently listened to a podcast on women’s rights in Iran, where women’s rights have regressed drastically over the decades. Where they now are improsened, beaten, and worse for bot wearing a hijab.

Majority of Americans do not have a passport and have never traveled abroad.

I believe it’s crucial for us to have these conversations and appreciate our freedoms.

Celebrating Freedom with Gratitude

As we celebrate this 4th of July, I find myself filled with a deeper appreciation for my rights and freedoms. My celebration is inward, marked by gratitude and a renewed commitment to appreciating and not taking for granted these liberties.
I am so grateful to wear what I want, have full control over my body, and have the rights to own my own business and be able to make my own money.
What do you think about your rights and freedoms?
How do you celebrate and appreciate them?

How do you celebrate and appreciate them?

Sending Love,


Happy 4th of July.


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From shame to pride, a journey unfolds,

In lands afar, new tales are told.

An American woman, freedoms embraced,

Grateful heart, privileges traced.



From travels wide, perspectives shift,

In moments rare, our spirits lift.

A daughter learns, on porch we share,

Rights so precious, freedoms rare.



In parks where contrasts starkly show,

In rights and choices, gratitude grows.

A nation’s blessings, not to forget,

In every heart, freedom’s debt.



This 4th of July, with inward cheer,

We celebrate, hold freedoms dear.

From embarrassed past to grateful now,

An American woman, with heartfelt vow.

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