Is There A Right Way to Live Life?

Is There A Right Way to Live Life?

The default programming we are all exposed to today, in our modern western world, is that there is a right way to live our life, a better way, a good way, a way that we should and have-to.

Somewhere in childhood, we get a picture in our head of what our goals in life should be so that we can live our life the ‘right’ way.

That if we have the successful job, the kids, the family, find the perfect partner… THEN we will have done IT right.

We expect that once we have done it right that we will feel good about our life. We will have done everything that we should have done, everything we believe we have to do in order to get THERE.

There… that place where everything is good, right and perfect.

And if for someone reason if we cannot get there, then we think that life has gone horribly wrong. We believe there is something wrong with us. We feel really bad, perhaps even trapped or doomed.

Or maybe we do get there and check all the boxes, but ‘there’ does not make us feel the way we thought it would.

We have fallen into a trap that our life should be a certain way in order for us to be good, to have value, to be good enough, to be lovable, to be accepted, to be worthy.

This is the good, right and perfect trap.

Questions to Help Your Brain Loosen Up:

What if life is exactly as it is meant to be?

What if the goal is simply to live?

And everything that happens is life… the divorce, the cheating, the crimes, the fails, the broken hearts and the death is all part of the experience of life.

What if life is half bad/half good, half right/half wrong, and half perfect/ half imperfect?

What if the only point of living is to live life?

What if there is no right way to live life?

What if you cannot do it wrong?

What if nothing has gone wrong when something ‘bad’ happens?

What if there is no bad?

What if it is all part of the duality of life?

What if checking all the boxes of what you believe to be the right way to live life will not get you there?

What if you are already there?

Let Go of Right and Wrong.

We have collectively bought into this concept of right and wrong and we have allowed this mental construct to govern us.

I urge you to question it, and even to deconstruct it.

Living your life by an external belief system of right or wrong, good or bad will leave you chasing an empty life.

There is no external judge of if you have lived your life correctly.

You’re opinion is the only one that matters.

Take you power back.

You decide what your right way is.

The compass that will lead you to living your unique life is internal. It is governed by your want, by your own internal truth.

If you stopped believing the right way to live your life is ‘out there’ and you looked inside to find your answers… what you will discover is the roadmap to your life.

Who would you become if you stopped trying to become someone who you think you should be, and you started becoming your Self?

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