Self-Care Vs Escaping Reality

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In every person’s gut health journey there is a crucial stepping stone of evaluating the choice to invest in self care vs escaping reality.

Self care is one of the things we do when we are taking care of our self. It s a way that we show up as the bigger version of our self. That may look like turning down dessert or laying on the grass or drinking water.

Hitting the escape button is what most of us do by default because we don’t know what else there is to do. Hitting the escape button looks like binge watching tv, or binge eating food, or over-shopping. We are looking to feel better now, at the cost of our Self, our gut, or our bank account.

I used to push the escape button all the time, to the point that I became overweight and depressed.

One of the costs of the escape button is that we don’t face and feel our negative emotions. When we don’t face and feel the hard parts of life then our life becomes really small and empty.

To take care of our Self means to be real and honest with what we notice, it means overcoming hard things, having hard conversations, and making changes.

This work, this awareness, this process is profound. Not only does it allow for gut healthy habits to be easily accessible but it also lays the groundwork for a bigger life; a life that can have hard moments without throwing our gut health under the bus.

Self care is drinking water, eating foods that fuel us, walking, spending time with our Self, listening and honoring our inner truths.

Yes it is a bit scary and uncomfortable… AND it is insanely rewarding. Because not only do we feel the negative BUT we also FEEL more of the positive. The spectrum of emotion increases… the joy and happiness too!

Come join the journey of your life.

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