Snacks: The Ingredients I Look For

Snacks: The Ingredients I Look For
All snacking is emotional. (Unless planned and with purpose). My daughter did not used to snack. Now, she is in school where snacking is normal. So I am offering her the nourishing options.
A poem on snacks…
In the dance of daily life, between tasks and toil,
Lies a realm of temptation, a snack’s gentle coil.
Nourishing or dis-regulating, it holds power untold,
A journey through emotions, both timid and bold.
In the pantry’s embrace, a cornucopia lies,
Of chips, sweets, and treats designed to over-tantalize.
They whisper addictive thoughts, promising delight,
Yet their allure often veils a darker plight.
For snacks are not mere morsels, but emotional fare,
They cradle our cravings, our joys, and despair.
In moments of stress, they offer solace and peace,
Yet their comfort oftentimes brings seeming release.
Nourishing snacks, like whole foods divine,
Fuel our bodies, our souls, with nutrients fine.
They uplift and sustain, a well—regulated state,
Equipping us energetically through life’s stressors bait.
But amidst this nourishment, a darker tide swells,
As dis-regulating snacks weave their spells.
Made to hook us, in excess they hold sway,
Leading us astray, day by day.
They promise elation, a rollercoaster of highs,
Yet leave us depleted, as blood glucose dies.
In their wake, guilt and shame often reign,
As we grapple with the aftermath of indulgence’s bane.
So let us tread mindfully, in the realm of snacks,
Mindful of the nourishing, and the dis-regulating tracks.
For in each bite lies a choice, a chance to decide,
Whether to nourish our cells, or let our emotions collide.
With Love,
  • PS: * Watch my video to hear how I think about snacks and the ingredients to stay away from.
    Link to the Amazon snack list I mention in the video.


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