Spring Time, Cleanse Time

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Springtime is my favorite time of year. Gut-health-wise it is also one of my favorite times of the year. Springtime is cleansing time; whether we know it or not, whether we support it or not.

The way I am using the word cleanse is ‘a way to support and enhance the body’s natural detoxification.’

Springtime is the time of year that our bodies naturally bump up our daily cleanse. Our body is constantly cleansing itself every day and all year but especially during the Spring.

Our body’s natural ability to cleanse is affected by our health habits, the less we support it the more it stores and builds up toxins.

My Spring Time Cleansing Question:

How can we support our bodies in their natural cleansing process?

My top answer… load it up with the good stuff…

How do we do that?

Drink raw organic vegetable juice, every day all season.

When we drink raw vegetable juices we fill up our body with essential vitamins and minerals that create a supportive environment for our liver and kidneys to dump stored toxins that are hanging around.

AND… limit/reduce/avoid putting toxins into your body, but this topic will be for another day.

Cleansing has been a big part of my health journey. People who reach out to me who want to know how I healed my health issues often ask about cleansing and detoxing.

I have done liver flushes, raw food cleanses, kidney cleanses, Master Cleanse, fasts, and so on.

One of the things that I learned in my cleansing and the detoxing journey is that detoxing can be dangerous.

What makes a detox dangerous is when we trigger toxins to be released and the exit doors (detox systems) of our body are not open for the toxins to leave.

Detoxing is something to take rather seriously and with the supervision of someone experienced.

Cleansing is safer than detoxing because the aim is to support our body in its natural detox process.

The raw organic vegetable juice cleanses, mentioned above, is very safe and gentle. This is a really light and easy way to support your body.

The season when we encourage our body to detox matters. Winter is not a time to detox.

Simple Ways To Support Your Detox Organs

Eating radishes are a great way to support your liver (the liver being a main detox organ).

Drinking lemon water or apple cider vinegar is also safe and supportive way to support your detox organs.

Part of my gut health program, at this time of year, is a light and gentle detox for those who want it. Because as we improve our gut health we naturally start to cleanse.

Improving one’s health goes hand in hand with cleansing, as do cleansing and feeling better in one’s body and mind.

Cleansing is one of the components to gut health. If our body is full of toxins, which everyone’s body is, then as we improve our gut health then a cleanse begins to occur.

For every toxin in, every toxin will hopefully come out.

It matters what we put into our body and it matters how it comes out.

It matters if our body is supported for cleanse time or instead if a lot of toxins are going into tissue storage.

It also matters how fast toxins come out, think detox as fast and cleansing as slow.

I have done a lot of intense detoxing, and though I did not do any damage nor do I have any regrets; I did learn that slow and gentle is far less disruptive and most often more accessible.

To do a big detox, most people need to take time off from their normal life. Some people are in a health crisis and a big detox is necessary, but all the rest of us would greatly benefit from the slow and gentle annual Spring Time, Cleanse Time approach.

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