Stop Stressing with Mental Management

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Stress was always a mystery… twenty years later I know how to stop stressing because I know about mental management.

At the doctor\’s office, with my prescription in hand, I asked what else I could possibly to do address my, now known, poor gut symptoms.

The doc uttered, “diet, stress, and lifestyle.”

A couple of decades later, I finally have all the puzzle pieces.

Stress is the most interesting piece to me because it is all about the emotions and the mind.

How do we stop stressing?

It is all about getting into our own head and figuring out what stress-producing thoughts our mind is creating. And then learning all about mental management, kinda like learning how to think thoughts on purpose.

No one teaches us how to feel the hard feelings, which are half of our emotional life. Learning to do so, eliminates emotional stress.

When our mind says “things have gone horribly wrong” we can manage our mind by questioning that thought. This question in and of itself will shift and loosen the stress grip.

The solution is mental management.

…and learning how to stop resisting and instead feel our negative feelings.

Our resistance to our negative feelings causes emotional stress. I still sometimes resist, even though I know all this stuff.

Why bother learning the skill of mental management in order to stop stressing?

  • Your gut health for one.

  • Your immune function for two.

  • Your hormones, sex life, and sleep for three, four, and five.

  • Learning how to stop stressing has a positive affect on every part of your life.

Another downside of stress is that our immune system is interconnected with our gut function; when stress goes up then gut function and immune function go down.

Each person is effected differently by stress; it depends on our unique weaknesses.

My main weakness is my skin; if I get stressed then my skin has troubles. And the best preventative thing that I do for my skin is taking care of my gut (and of course mental management for those stressful thoughts that my brain likes to default to.)

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