Tamara Testimonial

“Coaching with Chandra was illuminating, clarifying, and grounding. Through working with Chandra and answering the thoughtful questions and inquiries she offered in each session, I began to understand my old worn out struggles in new ways from what felt like a more expansive bird’s eye view. From this new perspective, I was able to see my challenging patterns more clearly and identify where I could make small shifts that felt manageable in the moment yet transformative in how I experience life.

Chandra is a caring and loving coach who has a wealth of knowledge to share with her clients. She has clearly been committed to her own healing journey and beautifully weaves the tools that she has developed in her self work into her work with clients. I highly recommend working with Chandra to anyone interested in cultivating a healthier relationship with themselves, their relationships, and their lives.”

—Tamara R


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